Welcome to OBSESS 2017

Sorry for the very basic Website this year.  Hopefully by next year it will be more developed!

Here are the Brochure and Applications:

Camper Application
Counselor Application (contact Grace Stoltzfus )

OBSESS is a five day camp for girls ages 13-16, that this year will be held August 9th-13th, 2017, at the Pleasant View Church Camp, in Sullivan, Illinois. The week is an intense time of edification and encouragement that consists of daily initiatives, sessions, and of course fun. Throughout OBSESS young girls will be stretched, sometimes beyond their comfort zone, with the purpose of instilling them with a passion for God and a desire to grow in Him

Just a quick look at the committee that OBSESS is operating with this year:

Brent & Grace Stoltzfus from Shenandoah, PA.  Grace is one of the original founders of OBSESS and we are very happy to have them helping provide continuity with all the many details.  Brent and Grace have 2 young children.  Brent & Grace are in charge of getting Speakers and Counselors as well as chairing the meetings and providing overall guidance.

Brad & Grace Hochstetler are from Woodburn, IN.  Their oldest daughter went to OBSESS twice and as parents they were blessed with the impact that we seen in her life.  When OBSESS shut down in 2014 they had hoped that someone would continue the work.  Long story short it seems God is wanting them to be a part of that!!
Brad & Grace are in charge of logistics and pulling together the many details leading up to the event in August.

Ryan & Jeanine Bontrager are from Grabill, IN.  Through a ‘chance’ conversation at a church prayer meeting God also called this couple to help in the work.
Ryan & Jeanine are in charge of planning the Initiatives.  We are grateful for having them take on this creative task!

Lucinda Bender is from PA but is a good friend to Jeanine and was teaching school this past year in the Arthur, IL area.  It was not hard to convince her to join the committee.  She is in charge of Banquet night as well as helping Ryan’s plan the initiatives.